c. '74 or so The Old House at the Store Adri + Keeter, Errol + Rick, Tom Payton "The Stove Room"
The Old House at the Store Thanksgiving Day, 1973 by Candy Curin's father
May 31, 1976 On Dervey's Hill at Cove Ridge Store - by AEE Sr
Joey, Anna 1981 - by AEE Sr
The Honeymoon Truck
summer or fall 1981 Bob Patey's tipi & Joey & cinderbrick Also Trillium + Keeter
1984? Maggie, Joey, Anna
AE Clogging with Elwood Grizzle at the Carter Festival Aug 1975
At store
May 1980 Grandma E, Anna, Joey, Mom & Daddy
by AEE Sr