Withrawing github-backup

I am no longer maintaining github-backup. I'll contine hosting its website and git repo for the time being, but it needs a new maintainer if it's going to survive.

I don't really think it needs to survive. If the farce of youtube-dl being removed from github, thus losing access to all its issues and pull requests, taught us anything, it's that having that happen does not make many people reconsider their dependence on github. (Not even youtube-dl it turns out, which is back on there.) Clearly people don't generally have any interest in backing that stuff up.

As far as the git repositories on Github, they are getting archived very effectively by which vaccumes up all git repositories from Github. Which points to a problem, because the same can't be said for git repositories not hosted on Github. There's a form to submit them but the submissions often get hung up needing manual review, and it doesn't seem to pull in new commits actively if at all, based on the few git repositories I've had archived there so far.

That seems like something it might be worth building some software to manage. But it's also just another case of Github's mass bending reality around it; the average Github user doesn't care about this and still gets archived; the average self-hosting git user may care about this slightly more, but most won't get archived, even if that software did get built.

git-annex devblog (Joey devblog)
day 637 thirdparty of borg

Finally gotten started on the borg special remote idea. A prerequisite of that is remotes that can be imported from, but not exported to. So I actually started by allowing setting importtree=yes without exporttree=yes. A lot of code had assumptions about that not being allowed, so it took a while to chase down everything. Finished most of that yesterday.

What I've done today is added a thirdPartyPopulated type of remote, which git-annex sync can "pull" from by using the existing import interface to list files on it, and determine which of them are annex object files. I have not started on the actual borg remote at all, but this should be all the groundwork for it done.

(I also finished up annex.stalldetection earlier this week.)

This work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon.

git-annex devblog (Joey devblog)
day 638 borg special remote working

Just barely managed to get the borg special remote fully working by end of day today. I'm still a bit shocked it was possible to do this at all, let alone as neatly as it turned out, with so few changes to git-annex to support such an entirely different thing.

I put in a fair amount of effort to making it fast to keep up-to-date with changes to the borg repo; git-annex sync does need to run borg list to check what archives are in it, but it avoids rescanning archives it already knows the contents of.

There are a slew of new todo items related to this special remote: allow overriding untrust of import remotes, borg special remote add subdir config, sync --content with borg does not get content, borg sync tree not grafted, use same vector clock for content identifier updates in import

And, if this backup-as-a-remote idea does turn out to be useful, there are lots of other backup programs. It would be good to be able to write external special remotes for them, but that would need a protocol extension.

This work was sponsored by Mark Reidenbaach on Patreon.

rstidyman (Richard)
Dual temperature bidet instructions
  • Copy or share as you feel the need.
  • As you’re sitting on the commode, the dial (#1)  closest to the back wall is for the temperature. 
  • All the way to the left or counterclockwise is COLD.
  • All the way to the right (clockwise) is HOT.
  • The control on the front dial (#2)closest to your knees directs the water either:  Down into the bowl or, up to your parts.


  • Turn the temperature dial  #1 all the way to the right to make it hot.  This will clear out all the cold water.
  • Turn the front dial (#2) (counterclockwise) all the way to the left and you will hear water spraying down into the water. 
  • You will feel the warmth of the water.  It’s kinda nice. 
  • Once you know hot water is available, move the  dial #1 to the right to decrease the hot water and add some cool water, making it warm.  (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).  
  •  Slowly turn the front dial SLOWLY to the right  to redirect the spray to your parts.
  • Go slow so that once you begin to feel the water you can adjust the temperature a little bit more.

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