Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “woke up at 4 am convinced that…”

woke up at 4 am convinced that firefox's built-in json renderer was sufficient to let json be used for documents rather than html, resulting in something like gopher or gemini

my 4 am brain was wrong, but actually only a little bit.. strings being displayed in quotes is the only real problem with that idea

word wrapping, links, headers, basically all the rest of a minimalist document format are there in the json browser

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “from my ledger…”

from my ledger

4/20/2017 service charge (due to falling below $1500 due to fraud!)
wellsfargo -10

finally refunded this service charge (plus interest). I closed the account back in 2017, not neediing their predatory services. I assume one of the many actions against them succeeded.

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “local pepper jack cheese (from…”

local pepper jack cheese (from Asheville) seemed kind of ridiculously hot.. I mean, I knew it has ghost pepper in it, but still

rechecked the label: carolina reaper papper, which seems to be the world's hottest pepper

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “there must be some good reason…”

there must be some good reason for glibc to dlopen libnss libs, rather than them just being dynamically linked like every other lib...

... but I have never, ever, had any experience with these files that was not due to this choice breaking something. today, my mail server.

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “landed a great bandwidth-limit…”

landed a great bandwidth-limiting feature in git-annex today, which works with so many different ways to schlep data...

... thing is it's implemented on top of the progress reporting interface. Before displaying a progress bar (or whatever) it does the necessary pause to rate limit.

Ugh. Seems so wrong, but also so right.


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