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joeyh: “I've been using unix for a num…”

I've been using unix for a number of decades and just today learned that a directory with its write bits removed can be renamed if it stays in the same parent directory, but cannot be moved out of its parent directory

wtf? the permission of the parent directory should be all that prevents that would have been my assumption..

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joeyh: “latest victim of starlink…”

latest victim of starlink

this poplar was 25 years old so probably was left growing since the house was built

it would have blocked view for maybe 30 seconds an hour

only 15 more to go

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joeyh: “dropped a tree trunk yesterday…”

dropped a tree trunk yesterday right on a blueberry bush, and totally flattened it.

I hope it will regrow, but I think I'm gonna take cuttings from it and try to start several new bushes.

I've opened up the space for them as a side effect of this starlink project.

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joeyh: “newest google maps routing fun…”

newest google maps routing fun: Entering my address, including zip code, takes people to a different county.

People who have not bothered to look at the map and ended up in some field an hour away from me: 2

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joeyh: “Starlink obstructions 2 weeks …”

Starlink obstructions 2 weeks later. So much worse.. leaves.

It's offline 5 minutes per hour now.

I have started clearing the permanant install location, in the blueberry garden.

There are very few spots here where I can avoid obstructions entirely, due to topography.

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joeyh: “people complain about osmand+ …”

people complain about osmand+ not being as usable as google navigation... but google recently took a visitor on this 25 minute detour

there is a patch of highway here google refuses to route on, using a tiny back road instead

my friend stayed on the highway and could have taken a left turn to destination, instead google routed them on a rural "round the block"


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