Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “landed a great bandwidth-limit…”

landed a great bandwidth-limiting feature in git-annex today, which works with so many different ways to schlep data...

... thing is it's implemented on top of the progress reporting interface. Before displaying a progress bar (or whatever) it does the necessary pause to rate limit.

Ugh. Seems so wrong, but also so right.

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “But cloth-mask wearers didn’t …”

But cloth-mask wearers didn’t have significantly fewer coronavirus antibodies as determined by blood tests. “We cannot reject that [cloth masks] have zero or only a small impact on symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections,” Abaluck wrote along with Mushfiq Mobarak of Yale, Laura Kwong of UC Berkeley, Stephen Luby and Ashley Styczynski of Stanford, and other researchers.


As well as proving surgical masks work, this study proves that cloth masks are a form of hygiene theater.

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “them: what is this?…”

them: what is this?

me: oh, I think it's mustard?

them: uuuhh.. collards?

me: mustard greens

them: looks at screen quzzically

them: digs out laminated folder

them: how many are in there?

me: one bunch

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “seems like, in some situations…”

seems like, in some situations, cp -a of a file on a NFS filesystem might copy an xattr that overrides the file mode, making a chmod ineffective?!

This kind of thing is why I stopped using NFS filesystems in 1997. Pity about my users.

Joey mastrodon
joeyh: “mentioned Paul Lutus in my int…”

mentioned Paul Lutus in my interview, and was surprised when the interviewer was like, "oh, I just interviewed him recently" .. this is probably enough for you to guess what podcast I am gonna be on

I guess this is what greybearding is like?


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